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Stuffed Butternut

Category: Main Meal

Recipe Description:

This is a great healthy dish which works well as a vegetarian dish, or with a little bit of bacon.


Serves 2 people. Rough Cost: £6.00


Prep time: 5 minutes          Cook time: 45 minutes

1 Medium size butternut
1 Cheese sauce packet mix
280 ml of milk
2 Wedges of cheese
1 Cup of water
10 Leaves of spinach
1/2 tablespoon of oil (optional)
2 Rashes of bacon (optional)


  1. Pre heat oven to 190c
  2. Chop the butternut in half along it's length
  3. Place both halves (cut side down) into a pirex dish and add a cup of water
  4. Place in oven for 45 minutes (setting a timer)
  5. At 30 minutes in, check the butternut and add additional water to the pirex dish if needed (only half a cup more, if required)
  6. Pre heat a frying pan with some oil at medium heat
  7. Place bacon rashes in frying pan
  8. Measure milk into mixing jug
  9. Slowly add the cheese sauce mix while whisking with a fork
  10. Once whisked, pour sauce into a small pan and place on a mid/low heat for 10 minutes - while stirring occasionally
  11. When bacon is crispy, or cooked to your liking, place rashes on to a chopping board and slice into chunky slices
  12. Now add the spinach leaves to the cheese sauce as well as the chopped up bacon
  13. When the butternut timer sounds take out the butternut and place them cut side up onto a chopping board - with caution, they will be very hot
  14. pierce the butternut with a fork and it should slide off nicely, when it is cooked through
  15. Now scoop out the seeds with a desert spoon
  16. From the solid end of the butternut, use a sharp knife to cut out a 1/2 inch gully and place this cut out piece into the belly of the butternut
  17. Place the butternut halves onto the serving plates
  18. You should now get your blocks of cheese and line the middle of the butternut - from the gully down to the belly
  19. The cheese sauce should now be poured over the block of cheese and fill up the belly of the butternut

Additional Information:

This dish would work well with some rice or even some baby potatoes. You could also keep the butternut seeds to make Butternut Seed Toast.

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