Puckle Products

About Us

Puckle Knits came about to create an outlet for products which are hand made. All of our products are designed to be useful, interesting and above all, comfortable.We have teamed up with our Puckle friends to bring you an even wider range of products, from clothing, jewellery to houseware items.

If we do not have the exact product you are looking for, please feel free to get in touch, as we will always do our best to cater to your requirements.

Payment Method

Free order: Please place your order via the traditional basket system checkout. Due to all of our products being hand made, we want to ensure that your products are made and ready before we take any funds. This is why our order system is free. Once your order has been placed, we will contact you with the details on how long the product will take to make (if we do not have any pre-made that fit your requirements). Once we are almost complete with your order we will then arrange for the payment to be made before we deliver your product(s).